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TGC FE expert guide

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  • You can open TGC Rod status panel alone without TDAQ panel.
    • First, you long in to ATLAS point 1 computer via "atlasgw" from your computer.
       ssh -Y atlasgw 
    • pc-tgc-daq-ecc-01 is one of good computers to login for this purpose.
    • pc-tgc-daq-eca-01 or pc-tgc-daq-ecc-01 is one of good computers to login for this purpose.
    • You source a set-up file and run a command.
       source  /det/muon/TGC/scripts/setupGlobal.sh 
    • Thne, the panel will appear.

Reboot all cci sbcs

  • procedure
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  • In case "semaphore" is locked, you will see following messages

How to find ERROR LOG ?? (for further investigation of problems reported in MRS)

  • location of log-file ... atlasgw:/clients/scratch/logs/tdaq-02-00-03/ATLAS/
  • location of log-file ... atlasgw:/clients/scratch/logs/tdaq-04-00-01/ATLAS/
side & cratefile name
A-Side, TTCTGCTTC-A_RCD_PhysicsMode_sbc-tgc-tcc-eca-01.cern.ch_[UTC].out/err
C-Side, TTCTGCTTC-C_RCD_PhysicsMode_sbc-tgc-tcc-ecc-01.cern.ch_[UTC].out/err
A-Side, FETGCFE-RCD_ECA[01-04]_Physics_sbc-tgc-cci-eca-[01-04].cern.ch_[UTC].out/err
C-Side, FETGCFE-RCD_ECC[01-04]_Physics_sbc-tgc-cci-ecc-[01-04].cern.ch_[UTC].out/err
A-Side, SLTGCSL_ReadoutApplication-CSL[04-06]_sbc-tgc-csl-lvl1-[04-06].cern.ch_[UTC].out/err
C-Side, SLTGCSL_ReadoutApplication-CSL[01-03]_sbc-tgc-csl-lvl1-[01-03].cern.ch_[UTC].out/err

Analyze Calibration DATA and update parameter and OKS : 3-STEPS (EXPERT ONLY)

Analysis of Calibration data

  • preparation : login, go to working space, set environment (the computer OUTSIDE of Point1.)
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