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Welcome to the LAr web

Welcome to the main LAr Operations twiki!

Quick Links Table

Calo Portal LAr Troubleshooting Calo Calibration Status LAr Phone Numbers
LAr Run Coordination Page LAr SW On-Call Expert Page LAr HW On-Call Expert Page Globe LADIeS Page
LAr Monitoring Expert Page LAr Super Shifter Page ACR shift crew ATLAS Ops crew

Good to know atlasop web pages and others

General ATLAS Status Pages DQ Pages Shifter Tools
  • ATLAS LHC page 1
  • ATLAS ATLAS partitions' status
  • ATLAS Calibration runs
  • ATLAS CTP Monitoring
  • Grafana ATLAS Dashboard on Grafana
  • ATLAS DQMD Archive
  • ATLAS DQ for past runs
  • ATLAS Tier 0 Processing DQ Monitoring
  • Globe LArWebTools (LAr DQ)
  • ATLAS OHP Calo Monitoring
  • Shifter Assistant Shifter assistant (RC)
  • Shifter Assistant Shifter assistant (Calo)
  • ATLAS ERS browser
  • Some LAr Operation Experts Twikis

    General Current DQ HW related Global (extern)
  • LAr Run Settings
  • Trigger menu for LAr
  • Check Trigger Configuration
  • Web Dataflow Summary
  • Check LAr Cell Conditions from DB (lxplus)
  • LAr Procedures
  • LAr ROD Backend Documentation
  • Globe Ramp a HV Channel
  • LAr HV Guidelines
  • Globe List of publications about LAr
  • Globe LAr approved plots
  • Point-1 roles and their power

    To enter Point-1 (ATCN), you need to have a Point-1 account and dedicated roles.

    Please carefully read the documentation of the Point-1 account.

    Request and see your roles here. To see the power of each role, use the PolicyBrowser.

    On a P1-machine, you can also issue the command sudo -ll to see which special privileges you have due to which role.

    LAr twiki guidelines

    General remarks

    • Good documentation is key to good operation.
    • Good documentation starts in the source code.
    • Additional code documentation (usage, deployment etc.) should go into the file (assuming a .git repository)
    • Follow a twiki tutorial (see e. g. the training on the Calo Portal, SW Expert training section). Good documentation can be found by web search.
    • Avoid duplication of documentation: Link rather than repeat.
      • For sw packages that come with a Better directly link to the ( of the) package on gitlab. Only repeat info on twiki if it facilitates the P1 work flow
      • Use (section-wise) includes to repeat (if repetition is explicitly wanted) rather than copy + paste
    • Link against related twiki pages.

    LAr specific guidelines

    1. Re-use good style from good-looking twiki pages
    2. Use Twiki variables and esp. LAr-specific Twiki variables.
      • Don't hard-code any versions, use e. g. %TDAQV% to generate 'tdaq-09-02-01'
      • Use fancy icons, e. g. to Gitlab: %A% to generate ATLAS
      • Don't hesitate to request new variables (to the editors of WebPreferences, see ALLOWTOPICCHANGE)!
    3. Use code environment style (easiest by putting '=' signs around) for
      • actual code
      • machine_names
      • script_names and (directory)/paths
    4. When linking to packages, use the gitlab link, e. g. to generate GitLab Hfec:
      See the LArFEBActions page for an example.

    LAr specific template / blueprint

    The following is the recommended base structure for a LAr twiki.

    Good structure of a twiki makes it nicer to read! Try to separate technical and operational sections.

    1. Link to the 'edit this page' (see Main/EditTwikiFromAnywhere)
    2. 1st layer headline naming the twiki page
    3. Table of contents
    4. 2nd layer headline: Few lines on general info
    5. ... anything further

    Good examples might be: LArUseOKSDataEditor, LArPuppetManagement, LArDQMD

    LAr Web Utilities

    Obsolete pages (for reference)

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